Wild Surrey - 24-page, tabloid sized print newspaper.
I wanted to bring my spring and summer 2022 nature photography together to celebrate the wonderful countryside here in Surrey and to highlight the great work of so many organisations trying to address the decline of our natural environment. While I like the regular frequency of social media posts I felt that print was the best way to review the period. So I wrote, illustrated and designed it using my photographs as a celebration and as calling card to sell my skills. 
This is a very personal project for me. When out walking in the North Downs near my home, I discovered mushrooms, or fungi everywhere. As my camera phone collection started to build up I began to think of a way to use the images. Two seasons later and with a lot more knowledge about these strange and wonderful fungi, I designed and had this - A3 sized - newspaper printed. It's great to see something, at size, in print.
Educational material for schools to support and promote Outdoor Learning for environment and conservation programmes
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